Vaginal bulge is the common name for pelvic organ prolapse. This is a common condition in middle age and older women, especially with who have had one or more vaginal deliveries.  The symptoms of this problem, like vaginal pressure, difficulty urinating and moving your bowels, as well as recurrent bladder infections,  can impact your quality of life and prevent you from doing your favorite activities.  Having sex is often avoided due to the embarrassment you might feel.  This bulge can be fixed with significant improvement in sexual function, urination, and bowel movements. 

To repair this problem, one must have specialized training, as I received in my 3-year fellowship after my ob/gyn residency. Having experience in treating women with this condition for more than two decades, I am able to provide you with the best care both non-surgical and surgical, including vaginal and robotic techniques.


Dr. Soo Kwon

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